Connecting Pi to Synology

Connecting Pi to Synology

I have a Synology and Domoticz on a Raspberry Pi. I wanted to be able to transfer files quickly between the two (log files, backups etc) but never got the connection working until I decided I really needed it to work and finally got it to work. As always, the steps are not that hard, if you know them.

This guy has described it perfectly.

I originally also created a domoticz user on my Synology but that is not needed. I did create a special shared folder for my Domoticz so I know only that as accessible. I am sure I can get NFS permissions set up somehow. For now, only my Domoticz can access that folder through NFS. One thing to note is that the files created by the Domoticz host is that the don’t have a username as owner but rather the user id.

Great, and now that that’s setup, I can get the log and backup files on my Synology. I will document this in another blog.

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