Update for library PAM_WiFiConnect

Update for library PAM_WiFiConnect

I recently had a short power outage. Nothing major but a feature request for the connect library did come out of that. When the power came back on, my ESP with my temperature logger was back on faster than my wifi which meant that after the wifiConnect nothing else happened. Ok, I could have coded that in the program but than I realized that if you have some sort of IoT device, it does not make sense to return to the setup function from the wifiConnect if you have no wifi. A need was born.

The result? A function called waitWiFiConnect which does what it’s name implies; it waits for a wifi connection. It does this by turning on the internal led, GPIO2, try to connect via wifiConnect. When it returns from that function it checks whether there is a connection. If there is a connection the led is turned off and the function ends. If not, the led blinks shortly after which we wait for 1 minute before trying again. It will only return to the caller after it has a wifi connection.

github-mark-32px Available on GitHub with a lot of comment in the code. Direct download.

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